Green Building Technologies is committed to Open Systems. End-users benefit significantly from open technology when it is designed and applied to create "durable competitive environments." Reduced overall cost of ownership, the ability to utilize "best of breed" products, the freedom to select a control system provider based on performance, and an increase in the number of potential service providers are some of the benefits that can be realized when open technology is properly applied. 

Today's HVAC equipment is often supplied with microprocessor-based unitary controls. Control of heating ventilating and air conditioning equipment is a specialty of our company. From maintaining the classroom temperature in a rural one-room school house, to automating chiller plants and high pressure steam boilers in large hospitals, we possess the process knowledge and application expertise to deliver the optimal solution for our clients. 

Automating an industrial process is serious business. A company's success at "the bottom line" usually depends heavily on the availability and the efficient, effective use of the capital equipment utilized in producing the product. The health and safety of employees and the environment are paramount design considerations. Green Building Technologies supports Honeywell and a select group of products that allow us to meet the most demanding client requirements. 


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