By far, one of the most important keys to minimizeenergy costs and prevent premature equipment failure, is professional preventative maintenance. To put it in perspective, maintaining the health of your HVAC system is like any other complicated machine, such as your car. Your automobile requiresroutine maintenance to replacethe filters, adjust belts and rotate the tires to assure the long-term performance and reliability. The same thing is true of your HVAC equipment, except in so many cases, the cost of repairreplacement can be many times more expensive than your car. A comprehensive preventative maintenance agreement is essential to maintaining your HVAC System for peak efficiency and consistent reliability.

The 4 most Important Reasons You Need a Preventative Maintenance Agreement:

  • Prevent major, costly repairs
  • Ensure your equipment runs efficiently to save the most money on your monthly power bill
  • Save our planet from unnecessary pollution: by ensuring your unit is professionally maintained can dramitically reduce the release of pollution from your heating and cooling system
  • Maintaining your warranty: Yearly maintenance may be a factory requirement to retain your equipment warranty


Green Building Technologies, preventative maintenance agreements are custom designed specifically to meet the needs of the individual client... With new technology and energy saving measures, scheduled maintenance helps to ensure years of comfort and reliability
Call us today for additional information regarding our program details or to schedule a no obligation, preventive maintenance estimate.

Additional Benefits of Our Maintenance Agreement

  • Extend the life of your air-conditioning system
  • Maintain a comfortable environment for a more productive day.
  • Regularly scheduled maintenances throughout the year
  • Discounted labor rate for the term of the agreement
  • 24/7 on call technicians


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